Ohad Tsfati

Ohad Tsfati artist that deals with the research of natural materials, and combines the art and design world with nature and body.

Tsfati studied drawing in Avni institute and traveled to Tokyo, Japan, there he lived for 26 years in which he studied classic Japanese calligraphy in a Buddhist school, mastered Ikedo, an ancient Japanese martial art, and worked in a Japanese bag designing company.

The sculptures are made of paper derived from the bark of the mulberry tree, that Tsfati grows himself.

The paper is then processed to ensure its closure and endurance while using natural materials like nuts and pomegranate skin.

The bark is processed to a fiber dough that after initial straining is then placed on a trampoline. Tsfati inserts his body into the physical work process, and jumps on the trampoline on which the paper was placed, in order to get rid of the water and to process the material to cohesion.

When it's dry, the artist processes it again with his hands, splashes the paint, that is also made from natural materials, local plants. The painting, in his words "comes into being in the course of the process".

Tsfati is constantly developing the work with the material through the use of his own body, in order to achieve visual harmony. The moons echo the physical effort required for their creation, a process Tsfati developed himself. The natural and organic qualities alongside the artist's craft in creating them, produce a fascinating dialogue with the urban and modern lifestyle.

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