Neta Amir

Neta Amir is a textile artist; in her work she combines the disciplines of traditional textile crafts and visual arts.

She studied fashion design at Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art.

The work with fabric figures extended to contemporary art.

Simultaneously, the figures were integrated into installations that Neta displayed at several art shows.

In creating her works, Amir doesn't have a set routine. For the most part, as she plays with fabrics and other materials, shapes and raw characters emerge. During the design process, the selection of materials used in each character is a top priority.

Amir enjoys working with fabrics that are recycled such as old clothing, It’s the wear-and-tear of these fabrics that add another dimension to her work – and some vestigial essence of previous owners.

In recent years her creations have been displayed in a variety of exhibitions in the US, the Netherlands, Belgium and Israel. Her works have won several awards and have been published in local and international books and magazines.

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