Maty Grunberg

Maty Grunberg An established and respected artist, Graduated with honors from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, with a degree in the London Academy of Art and Design.

He lived and worked in London and New York for 44 years. Maty's artistic work is extensive and international, his works are exhibited in prestigious museums and galleries in London and New York and are found in important collections around the world. 

Among his artistic achievements are three of his etchings which were included in a Beatles song book alongside John Lennon's poems, which he personally met.

In his 3D paper artworks artist Maty Grunberg gives us a universal view, portraying the complexity and mystery of the landscape around us. Grunberg examines the hidden, intrinsic dimension of the paper itself; he delves into the depths of the flat surface to discover layers usually hidden from the viewer’s eye. Grunberg creates variable boundaries, different in their sculptural forms.

The abstract images are formed to resemble a view of the sun and the moon's encounter in the sky above us.

The forms of the square and the circle resembles the Golden Ratio mystical relationship between each other.

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