Limor Lahav Margulis

NOX contemporary art gallery was established by Limor Lahav Margulis, a curator and entrepreneur.

Expert in developing original content and creating new platforms for artistic-cultural work.

Ms. Margulis defines herself as a new-era curator and content expert.

She challenges common perceptions and redefines her own rules: "I consider it to be a distinct expression of maintaining the freedom of operation, creation and thought, which enables me to think, invent and create in

original ways.

My development and curating processes might be defined as creating a type of 'ready-made' art work 

with a daring edge.

I like unexpected connections and juxtapositions, sometimes between complete opposites,

that enable me to summon the viewer to a new emotional-artistic-cultural experience".

Between the years 2011-2017, Limor was the Chief Curator of the Old Jaffa Museum, responsible for its renewal process, including the development of original and international exhibitions that have attracted tens of thousands of visitors.

Ms. Margulis is a consultant for strategic content and platform development for art and culture initiatives and projects, and an expert in generating interfaces between communities, art, business and tourism.

She believes in social involvement via the development of art projects; such initiatives can be used to raise awareness and funds for social charities and causes.

Ms. Margulis is responsible for the entrepreneurship and development of the Old Jaffa Street Gallery,

on behalf of the Old Jaffa Development Company.

Limor had previously held key senior position in the media:

VP Business Development & Marketing of Tel Aviv Radio 102fm.

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