Limor Lahav Margulis

NOX contemporary art gallery was established by Limor Lahav Margulis, an Entrepreneur with creative thinking, 

Business Executive & Visionary Leader.

Ms. Margulis is a  consultant for strategic content and platform development for art and culture

initiatives and projects, an expert in generating interfaces between communities, art, business and tourism.

She defines herself as a new-era curator and content expert,challenges common perceptions and redefines her own rules: "I consider it to be a distinct expression of maintaining the freedom of operation, creation and thought, which enables me to think, invent and create in original ways.

My development and curating processes might be defined as creating a type of 'ready-made' art work with a daring edge.

I like unexpected connections and juxtapositions, sometimes between complete opposites,

that enable me to summon the viewer to a new emotional-artistic-cultural experience".

Founder and Owner of NOX Contemporary art gallery From 2014 to the present 

  •   Established an international label for representing and promoting artists from Israel & abroad

  •   Promote online commercial activities for selling contemporary art and design

  •   Produce and curate individual and group exhibitions

  •   Participate in international art fairs, conferences, and exhibitions

 Chief Curator of the Old Jaffa Museum -  2011-2017

  •  Reopened the museum after it being shut down for many years, recruited and managed the staff

  •  Defined new vision, led re-branding, developed work plans, multi-year exhibitions & events plan

  •  Managed marketing, branding, and advertising activities

  •  Developed original content for rotating international exhibitions, produced, and curated

  •  Raised funding for exhibitions, developed business models, oversaw planned expenses vs. actual

  •  Maintained ongoing work relations with applicable company and city divisions

  •  Turned the museum into a popular tourism site for visitors from Israel and abroad, received superb reviews and extensive media coverage.


Founder and Art director of the Street Gallery in Old Jaffa 

MS. Margulis Developed a Street Gallery in Old Jaffa alleys, which quickly became significant, encouraging artistic, cultural, touristic activities in the public domain, attracting crowds to the area.

Senior Consultant – Atarim Group- Tel Aviv- Jaffa Municipality

  • Developed content and prepared annual work plans for the Marketing and Content team, using the 360 degree approach to empower all departments involved

  • Led strategic processes for developing Old Jaffa, as pertaining to art, culture, tourism & business

  • Headed “roundtable” thinking teams, characterized documents for the company's engagement with content providers, production, artists, media procurement, etc.

  • Supported management: CEO, Marketing Manager, Content Manager, CFO, Legal, IT Manager.

Executive Producer | Founder and Owner - DNA Content Ltd.

The company specializes in content development & production projects, working in collaboration with leading media platforms

  • Planned, managed & executed complex media projects – worked with the Content, Editorial and Commerce departments of Reshet Broadcasting, Keshet Broadcasting, HOT, Ynet and more

  • Developed advertising platforms, unique ventures, and original projects

  • Raised funds and identified sponsors and collaborators for projects

  • Worked directly with clients and with clients represented by interactive and advertising agencies

  • Partial projects' list:

  • "YPhoto" – photography competition in collaboration with YNET and Tel-Aviv Municipality

  • "Wish List" – original content magazine & website for parents, focused on pregnancy and birth

  • "Toy" – a unique, Pop Up (temp) Museum at Tel Aviv Port, new business model. 

  • "Journey among Dreams" – children's book & animated film. Aired on Logi Channel and was presented at a unique exhibition in which funds were raised for Israel's Variety Association

Limor had previously held key senior position in the media:

  • VP Business Development & Marketing of Tel Aviv Radio 102fm.

  • VP Business Development & Marketing of Themarker online media group

  • Ms. Margulis hold B.A in Communication & Curatorial Certificate

Volunteer & Community service

Ms. Margulis believes in social involvement via the development of art projects; such initiatives can be used to raise awareness and funds for social charities and causes.

  • Board Member. Avni Institute of Art and Design. Tel Aviv, Israel 

  • Artists Jaffa Residency Programs- responsible for the development of a residency program aimed at integrating young artists with senior artists throughout Jaffa

  • Volunteer & Member. Ocean Sole Africa. Raise awareness for environmental issues

  • Fundraiser & Volunteer – Increase awareness and raise funds for nonprofit organization

  • Variety, Israel – Children's Charity

  • Friends of Beilinson Hospital, Israel

  • Women's International Zionist Organization (WIZO), Israel​

NOX contemporary Art and Design Gallery, Tel-Aviv , Israel   

Tel: +9725-77-7500858