Esther Aidan

Esther Aidan was born in 1978 in Israel, she combines her life and work  between Tel-Aviv, Paris and New York.
The human face is a canvas for Esther Aidan’s unique exploration of the human soul.

The artist is a conduit to the timeless inner beauty of consciousness, as each subject’s essence inspires the tones, colors and brush strokes that mask all distractions of age and blemish to expose the eternal spirit that radiates within the eyes.
Explore the journey
Evolving her art during 20 years of professional as a makeup artistry, Esther Aidan presents a dramatic vision of contemporary portraiture that reflects her intimate understanding and original perspective of human features, integrating acrylic painting, photography and makeup art into striking large-scale portraits and canvases.
The Idea
For Esther Aidan, a plain white canvas presents the ultimate challenge and the ultimate opportunity. Creative expression no longer flows from her subject; it emanates entirely from within, as emotions come alive through the arrangement of lines, forms, tone and color to produce representational artworks of intense vivacity and life force.

NOX contemporary Art and Design Gallery, Tel-Aviv , Israel   

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